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Cherokee County Community Health Coalition

The purpose of the Coalition is to provide a forum whereby its members may join together to plan, share resources, and implement strategies and programs through the Cherokee County Health Services Council to address the health care needs of Cherokee County citizens.

Tahlequah community Health Coalition
"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success."
- Henry Ford

The Cherokee County Community Health Coalition has embarked on the process of creating a County Health Improvement Plan, by engaging in the MAPP process. Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnership is a tool to guide communities through the process of organizing for success, assessing the current health status, along with trends or events that have or may impact the County, and then devising a plan that addresses the identified health priorities. This process strengthens the links between organizations that contribute to public health.

Partnership Priorities
  • Health Education (Physical Fitness & Nutrition)

  • Tobacco Prevention

  • Health Information Technology

  • Cherokee Nation, Healthy Nation

  • Cherokee County Health Department

  • OSU Extension Service

  • Northeast Area Health Education Center

  • Tahlequah Public Schools

  • Cherokee County Health Services Council

  • Northeastern State University

  • Cookson Hills Community Action

  • Communities of Excellence Tobacco Control Progream

  • NEO Health

  • Tahlequah Daily Press

  • Health Services Council

  • Boys & Girls Club of Tahlequah

  • Go Ye Village

  • Chamber of Commerce

  • The Current Alternative News

  • Help in Crisis

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